Yuppie Puppy Studios GROOMOLOGIST® of GROOMOLOGY® Defines Studio as: a place for professionals to practice and study the art and science  of pet grooming and provide for a pet animals grooming and hygiene needs.
The Studio's GROOMOLOGIST® and BATHOLOGISTsm skillfully and safely apply their scientific GROOMONIC sm grooming procedures and creative and artistic GROOMETIC sm effects to breed specific lifestyle grooming requirement and needs of the family dog. Each dog is groomed and bathed for hygiene, comfort and breed enhancements.
Yuppie Puppy Studios defines:GROOMOLOGY® as a Professional study and practice , in the art, science health and safety of professional pet dog grooming, conducted by its Studios, GROOMOLOGIST®. The GROOMOLOGIST®, foremost consideration is the pet's personality, health, lifestyle, and a pet owner's needs before, during, and after grooming. Yuppie Puppy Studios Brand of Service known as GROOMOLOGY®; offers the family pet, Pet Grooming Practitioners, and caring pet owners a step up to a higher standard of pet grooming, at no additional cost.
Yuppie Puppy Studios offers the convenience of three studios at one location. Built with your pet's safety, health, and comfort in mind. Some of our safety factors are: pet anti-scald protectors and pet slip resistant mats in each studio bathing facility. Drying cages have clean-filtered air and no heating elements to cause heat stress, suffocation, or dehydration. All electrical equipment and tools are operated on G.F.I. Circuits, to protect your pet from accidental electrical shocks.
Yuppie Puppy Studios requires proof of current shot records on the first visit, plus annual updates, for your pet's safety and health. Each studio has a clean, non-toxic environment and sanitized equipment and tools. Grooming towels are cleaned in the business laundry facility to avoid industrial detergents that may cause or worsen skin problems. In addition, appointments are scheduled to assure your pet's shortest time away from their home and family.
Yuppie Puppy Studios - was recognized with a nominated for the 1998 Better Business Bureau's Torch Award. This is a special award recognizing businesses that exemplify continued ethical conduct with their employees, customers, and vendors.
In 2003 - Pam Neely of YUPPIE PUPPY STUDIOS were voted Best In Texoma.
Pam's background as a veterinarian assistant helps her look for any problems that the owner needs to bring to the attention of the dog's veterinarian. After grooming, dogs are provided a Pet Report Card noting the condition of the coat, whether the dog needs more brushing and combing, if the dog had fleas or ticks, and any conditions that a veterinarian should be consulted about.
Since the early 1980s, the husband and wife animal (pet) grooming team of Pam and Rick Neely have gained the trust and confidence of caring pet owners from throughout the Texoma area. Even pet owners from beyond the Texoma area make the journey to Yuppie Puppy Studios so their Family Dog can be a Yuppie Puppy too.
Rick and Pam Neely, 20th century pet grooming business pioneers are the creators and founders of a new science they call GROOMOLOGY®. The couple have mastered and successfully merged the necessary pet related grooming academics with the GROOMONIC Arts and GROOMONIC Procedures needed for the 21st Century.
They offer individual and classroom instruction to clients in basic pet animal Groomological care. Our partnership with pet owners care for pets begins by helping prospective dog owner choose the appropriate breed of dog for the home, family lifestyle. Our goal is to help you and your dog have a long, happy, and healthy partnership.  
Yuppie Puppy Studios owners continue to be innovators in their animal pet grooming GROOMOLOGIST & GROOMOLOGY® Service Marked business. As seasoned animal pet groomers of 20 years they became known as GROOMOLOGIST® of GROOMOLOGY® at the turn of the century. We built the business to meet the demand for "Animal Pet Grooming in the 21st Century." A century where safety, health, and comfort have become even more important. We view our GROOMOLOGY® services as more than just a business but as a partnership in the care of pet owners pets. Our services help maintain the family dogs health through our practice and study of GROOMOLOGY®.
STUDIO A offers advanced appointments, so your dog will receive the special attention it deserves. Owners of Yuppie Puppy Studios, GROOMOLOGIST® - Pam and Rick Neely - will arrange standing appointments and schedule advanced appointments, Tuesday through Saturday for Studio A.
STUDIO B offers Basic Grooming Appointments. Your dog will be groomed and cared for by one of our Studio trained and Certified GROOMOLOGIST®,  that have made the Step-Up to the higher standards of practice and care offered by Yuppie Puppy Studios.  
STUDIO C  -  Classroom is the foundation of Yuppie Puppy Studios three levels of educational learning.

1. Pet Owner's can learn about Yuppie Puppy Studios - GROOMOLOGY® animal (pet) grooming standards, practices, services, policies, and Studio GROOMOLOGIST® studies applied to their pets grooming and hygiene care needs.

2. Our GROOMOLOGY® Apprenticeships offer Studio Classroom teaching and hands on training for applicants qualified and selected to serve as a GROOMOLOGIST® of GROOMOLOGY® Apprentice.

3. Our GROOMOLOGIST® can also help pet owners select the appropriate canine breed and pet for their family and family life style. 
STUDIO D - is our dormitory -  offered to apprenticing employees needing living quarters.
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